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06.11.2018: Stopped offering sailing cruises

Very often we have got the advice we should have more offers for sailing cruises online. But almost nobody was able to offer such a sailing cruise. Due to this reason we are closing the section of offering sailing cruises here on our platform.
04.06.2018: SPAM protection checked and activated!

We have proved and updated our SPAM protection for you our users. From now on only 5 contact requestes can be sent per day. Fair winds!

Msccruises is a fake user and was locked!
25.05.2018: GDVG: Re-adjust the privacy settings!

Please think on checking your privacy settings in your account. We had to reset all the information to none agreed due to the GDVG rules. If you are wondering why no information as an userletter is coming so far, usually it exactly that reason. Your privacy settings. ;)
25.05.2018: 650 Accounts deleted

Due to the new rule and law regarding being forgotten on the Internet we have today deleted 650 accounts which have not been used the last 5 years. We are actually debating about further 1600 accounts which should be deleted as well. We will see. Fair winds!
18.04.2018: European Union's General Data Protection Regulation

So now it's time. After lengthy debates about data storage and data collection, which we DO NOT do and never did at because we have no ambitions for user targeted advertising, in May 2018, the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation will enter into force. The right to be forgotten thus finds its way into EU data protection law. It says that data must be deleted if someone revokes their consent to data processing. Fair winds!
13.03.2018: Crediting Bug finally solved!

Just an information: Finally we have found the bug which had set the credit account to zero after visting a specific wenpage here on our platform. Fair winds!
04.01.2018: Happy new year

For all of you a happy new year. May you have all the time fair winds and a strong health! Fair winds!
26.10.2017: Collaboration with Segelreisen Hering

Short notice! We have new a cooperation with a sailing cruises Provider from Berlin in Germany. All sailing cruises are posted on the behalf of Segelreisen Hering (new implemented feature!). Segelreisen Hering is one of the best and first established sailing cruise agencies in Europe with theirs own fleet of sail boats. All boats are very good equipped, and maintained perfectly! Based on our own experience, they are one of the best! Try and enjoy. Fair winds!
13.10.2017: Technical information (MS Office 2000 Support)

From today we are no longer supporting MS Office 2000 products. Means, if anyone of you is still using an MS Outlook 2000 client, some displaying problems of our news- and userletter might occur. On the other hand we have adapted our programming for the new versions of MS Office (like 365, etc.). Fair winds.
10.10.2017: Credits issue (current BUG)

Oups! Again we have recognized an error in calculating the amount of available credits. We are searching the specific function or site but it could take some time. In the meantime, please send us an email if you think your credits left must be more than zero. We will check your request and set the amount manually. Sorry for inconvenience!! Fair winds!
09.10.2017: Ad malfunction solved

While advertizing sailing cruises and/or boat deliveries a malfunction with regard to the advertizer occured. This malfunction is now solved. Sorry for inconvinience.
11.09.2017: Facebook ad sharing stopped

Due to permanentely problems we have canceled the collaboration with FB until all issues are solved completely and the features they offering us will working properly.
11.05.2017: In 2017 we are supporting the DGzRS

We decided to donate all income from in 2017 for the organization Deutsch Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger (web link: That is for our and your profit while supporting these guys for more safety at sea. Fore sure the Sea Shepperds need support as well but safety at sea is for the whole maritime community. Thank you and fair winds!
28.04.2017: Advices and wishes welcome!

We have got an email this week from one of our users with an advice, there is a feature in section licences and certificates still missing. What a very good input! Many thanks for! Nevertheless this feature was implemented right now. Now we are interesting in getting more advices and feature wishes from you. Send us your input what from your point of view should be implemented on our platform. Send it by using our contact form or by email directly to info(at) Many thanks in advance and fair winds!
27.04.2017: Update of licence and certificate page

We added a new feature. From now you can ad the organization where you have been approved for your licences and certificates like RYA, MCA, PADI or DSV per example.
02.01.2017: HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!

A happy new year to all of you! We wish you a year full of happyness, healthiness, fantastic sailing adventures and always fair winds! Your Team
15.12.2016: Merry Christmas to all of you!

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas with you beloved ones, wherever you are! Enjoy this pleasant time of Year and take care. Fair winds, your Team
01.09.2016: Ocean say thanks to you guys!

And again we have donated the income of your credit payments for the Sea Shepherds. During the last 3 months 145 EUR have been payed for credits by our users. The Ocean, the Sea Shepherds and say many thanks to you! Fair winds!
01.09.2016: Crew search fixed

A bug in crew search has been fixed.
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