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SW_CREW has inserted on 12.10.2018 followed offer:
URGENT!!! Captain needed in Alaska
We are looking for a captain to sail our 32-ft sailboat from Adak Island, Alaska to Dutch Harbor (about 400 nm) as soon as possible. We sailed up from Japan to s past summer. Due to physical problems owner is unable to continue on sailing to Dutch. Thanks

Send email asap to:
#330, SW_CREW, last update: 12.10.2018
SW_CREW has inserted on 23.08.2018 followed offer:
German Skipper needed!
URGENT !!! Mail from Segelreisen Hering:

Ich suche dringend einen Skipper und möglichst auch noch einen Co-Skipper. Fünf andere Crewmitglieder sind bereits auf diesem Törn gebucht (von Sa 15.09. bis Mi 03.10. 2018) ab Gran Canaria. Ich biete einem Ersatzskipper (min. SSS besser noch SHS-Schein) und mit Erfahrung folgendes an:
1. Flug nach Gran Canaria und zurück ab Lissabon ist bezahlt.
2. Zahlung eines "Taschengelds" von EUR1.000,- an den Ersatzskipper. An einen SHS-Mann mit mindestens 20.000 Seemeilen Erfahrung zahle ich sogar EUR1.200,-.
3. Alle Nebenkosten und auch die Verpflegung wird von mir bezahlt, soweit nicht die Crew den Skipper einlädt.
Co-Skipper mit min. SSS und Hochsee-Erfahrung:
1. Flug nach Gran Canaria und zurück ab Lissabon ist bezahlt.
2. Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos. Es muss nur die Bordkasse mitgetragen werden.

Wer kann mir helfen?
030-861 61 91 / info(at)
#329, SW_CREW, last update: 23.08.2018
SW_CREW has inserted on 27.04.2018 followed offer:
Nautitech 46 catamaran from Acores to Delaware
From Reliance Yachtmanagement: Delivery crew wanted to assist in the delivery of a Nautitech 46 catamaran from Acores to Delaware. Joining date is planned for beginning of May. Travel expenses paid. Must have Atlantic experience and be able to enter US by sea. Eg B1B2 visarnContact Captain Pavol Cizmar for details: pavolcizmar79(at)
#328, SW_CREW, last update: 27.04.2018
Pascal has inserted on 28.03.2018 followed offer:
Hi, I am looking for exciting and challenging missions.I have been practicing nautical activities since my chilhood and it is a part of my life. Life has been leading me to various great adventures, but two years ago, led back by my initial passion, I decided to dedicate my career to sailing activities. Since, I have obtained my professional sailing qualifications and logged around 8300 nautical miles. My life course has built myself to see the world differently and act in a different way. I love to share experience, adventures and traveling. I am an easy going and open minded person. Best regards. Pascal
#327, Pascal, last update: 28.03.2018
SW_CREW has inserted on 22.03.2018 followed offer:
46ft. CAT, La Rochelle (France) to Annapolis (US)
Delivery of a Nautitech 46 catamaran from La Rochelle (France) to Annapolis (US). Joining date is around the 9th April. Valid visa to enter the USA e.g B1/B2 is required! Send CV asap directly to the Captain!
#326, SW_CREW, last update: 22.03.2018
SW_CREW has inserted on 09.03.2018 followed offer:
Lagoon Cat from France to Croatia
Looking for delivery crew to assist in the delivery of a new Lagoon Catamaran from Le Sables dOllone to Split in Croatia. Departure is planned for the 25th March. The voyage will takes 3-4 weeks but some flexibility is required. If you are interested contact the captain directly by sending your CV.
#325, SW_CREW, last update: 09.03.2018
SW_CREW has inserted on 18.02.2018 followed offer:
Crew needed on a new 450 Lagoon Cat
For this unpaid position on a Lagoon 450 Catamaran from Les Sables dOlonne to Split in Croatia Crew is needed. Joining date is planned around the 25th of February and you will receive a contribution fee towards your travel costs. Please no smokers and no diet restrictions. If you&amp;prime;re interested please send your CV asap. Details please see section boat delivery. Fair winds!
#324, SW_CREW, last update: 18.02.2018
SW_CREW has inserted on 26.10.2017 followed offer:
Boat needs to b delivered Tortola to Bermudas
European Atlantic crossing Project, private financed. 42ft Bavaria sailboat, fully equipped in good conditions, to be delivered from Tortola (BVI) to Bermudas. On Bermudas some repairs are planned. Arrival date on Bermudas (St. George) must be within the next 4 weeks. Costs agreement for travel costs is negotiatable. If interested and available with full equipped crew please send an email to info(at)
#323, SW_CREW, last update: 26.10.2017
SW_CREW has inserted on 08.09.2017 followed offer:
Atlantic crossing!
There is a sailing opportunity for 1 person to join the crew on Atlantic crossing on a new 45ft catamaran from the Canaries, starting ASAP. The trip takes approx. 3 weeks or a little longer. Crew must be flexible. See section boat deliveries for more details. Be quick!!
#322, SW_CREW, last update: 08.09.2017
SW_CREW has inserted on 04.08.2017 followed offer:
34ft Beneteau NL to S, Cpt. and Crew required
Client of us is lookiing for a captain and crew to collect a 34ft Beneteau from Ijmuiden and delivery to Stockholm. Need to have relevant experience and able to travel in next few days. Interested? Email to nick(at)
#321, SW_CREW, last update: 04.08.2017
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