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SW_CREW has inserted on 18.12.2013 followed offer:
Crew Wanted - Sailing around the world
CLUB, Buenos Aires, Argentine, Steel sailboat 42 feet

Very very aproximated schedule
Oct/2013 - Jan/2014 Brazil: Florianopolis, Ilhabela, Angra dos Reis, Rio, Abrolhos, Salvador, Recife, Noronha, Fortaleza
Jan/2014 - June/2014 Guyane, Tobago, Granada, Windward, Leeward Isls, Virgins Is, puerto Rico, Dominicana, Cuba, Mexico, Central America, panama Canal.
June/2014 - Nov/2014 South pacific islands
Nov/2014 - Apr/2015 Micronesia, philippines, China, Vietnam, Cambodia Thailand, Indonesia, Australia.
May/2015 - August/2015 Cocos Keeling, Reunion, Durban, Cape Town.
Sep/2015 - Oct/2015 CapeTown - Rio de Janeiro - Buenos Aires.
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SW_CREW has inserted on 18.12.2013 followed offer:
crew wanted for Florida -Honduras cruise
Hi, I am offering crew position on 38' ketch sailing from Florida to Key West-Cuba-Cozumel-Belize-Roatan/Utila/Honduras. Will be leaving from Ft. Pierce asap. Interested, then call me 843-224-1240 or email back.
You need valid papers and all personal expences (fight back) are your responsibility. All boat expences covered , of course.
#204, SW_CREW, last update: 18.12.2013
SW_CREW has inserted on 18.12.2013 followed offer:
Panama to Australia March 2014
We are planning to sail from Panama to Australia in March next year. It will take about 4 months with many stops to keep it interesting, easy and safe.

The boat is Beneteau Cyclades 43, prepared for blue water sailing (indeed spent last season cruising the Caribbean Sea with our family onboard).

If you have some sailing experience, good health, great attitude and interested in experiencing what “Pacific Coconut Milk Run” has to offer please contact me.

Crew are expected to pay for their own flights and contribute to provisioning.

s/y Brizo
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SW_CREW has inserted on 18.12.2013 followed offer:
Crew wanted
I'm Bob - On S/V "THE EDGE" a 38' Shannon ketch sitting Lake Worth Fl waiting on a weather window to jump to the Abacos. I know it's last minute timing, but my present crew had to fly to DC, her daughter is having a baby. Looking for a female crewmember to spend up to the 10th of December 2013 in the Abacos. I do not smoke nor should this crew. Some sailing experience preferred. This is an unpaid position, while on the boat I will provide nourishment to a point. email is the best contact. Have a good day!
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espjason has inserted on 11.12.2013 followed offer:
Available now
Security expert coxswain and engineer available now for work
#201, espjason, last update: 11.12.2013
diego1970 has inserted on 10.11.2013 followed offer:
skipper/deckhand disponibile per qualsiasi lavoro
Ho volontà, passione e capacità.
La mia richiesta è rivolta principalmente ad armatori privati o società di charter,
#200, diego1970, last update: 10.11.2013
SW_CREW has inserted on 17.09.2013 followed offer:
Atlantic crossing, amazing team available, asap!
Just got set free from work so now I could do a much longed for crossing with my man from US/Caribbeans to Europe this season if there are still any boats around who would like an amazing team onboard, please connect. Would mean the world to me ))

We are a couple with sailing experience.
We can be at your location anytime soon.
Will e-mail you our CV:s, references, etc.

Looking forward to connect, get to know you and align our missions!

My e-mail:
My Skype: Sara Isabella Ekblad
My nr: +971 562 660 115
My facebook: Sara Isabella Ekblad
#199, SW_CREW, last update: 17.09.2013
SW_CREW has inserted on 17.09.2013 followed offer:
Florida to Malta
The vessel will be departing Stuart Florida for Gibralter and then onto
Malta on or around June10-15. The vessel is a an ex-military vessel
converted to a motor sailer having gaff rigging. The trip will average
6kts and will an approx 30 jump to Gibralter and then an additional
14 days or so if those aboard elect to continue on from Gibralter. There are several magazine articles which will illustrate the vessel for
those interested.

If interested, please contact Steve by email at or
by cell at 941-270-0436. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
steven d. cummings
#198, SW_CREW, last update: 17.09.2013
SW_CREW has inserted on 17.09.2013 followed offer:
Crew wanted Chester NS to Newport RI
will need 3 or 4 crew to sail to Newport starting August 6 2013.

I will provide transportation from Maine to NS and back to maine from RI in New England and food.

call 207 356 5044 or email

I sailied up in 36 hours from Nantucket to Chester. (175) miles. and with the right wind will do the same or better going back. Wil stop at Nantucket, falmouth/ Woodshole, Cutty Hunk along the way.
#197, SW_CREW, last update: 17.09.2013
SW_CREW has inserted on 17.09.2013 followed offer:
NZ to Indian Ocean 2013
Friendly Crew wanted for easy cruising.
Currently in NZ having crossed pacific and gone right round Aus ( Darwin, Perth, Tas etc.)
This year is a slow passage to Thailand or Burma ready for next year in Indian Ocean.
NZ - New Cal - barrier Reef - Indonesia etc.
Scraatch is 56 ft and totally designed for a small crew to round the world. Fully equipped and I often single hand, longest solo hop without stops was 12 days. ( slow New Ireland to Palau)
Never been stuck on reef or sunk, have been bitten by salt water croc and do catch fish.
Launching in Whangerei mid feb, then coastal NZ , may climb a mountain or 2, ( without boat ) before heading north in April or May.
Brian audley79@gmail.
#196, SW_CREW, last update: 17.09.2013