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SW_CREW has inserted on 12.06.2012 followed offer:
Looking for Capt., mate, cook/stew/misc, NON- U.S.
Private yacht, NO charters, we spend 5 to 7 months a year at anchor in remote areas fishing. Crew gets 1 entire month vacation plus 16 days during the year when in port or marinas. Medical & dental.
Anyone caught using drugs will be used as bait !! Private cabin provided for each crew member. SAT phone, TV & internet always available. We will cruise as far North as Nova Scotia in summer. There are no "Prima Donna" type guests on this yacht.
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Yacht skipper or instructor wanted in Phuket
Skipper/Instructor Wanted in Phuket, Thailand

Long Term Employment or Minimum 1 year period.

Should be 27 years of age or less with solid sailing experience.

Must be honest, Responsible and have a strong work ethic.

Skills in Yacht Maintenance and/or Management are an advantage.

Training will be supplied in house.

Please send details and sailing CV to:
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Deckhand/crew - YM Cert. required
We are a Delivery Co. who hold contracts with large charter companies world-wide are looking for CERTIFIED YM "CREW" (for insurance purposes as commercial delivery) for a brand new No.1 hull, 39ft Powercat from Ft Lauderdale to Tortola on 16th June, 2012. Flight back to Ft Lauderdale will be paid for plus food on the delivery. Great opportunity for you to gain miles & off-shore experience. Skipper is a fully cert. YM Ocean and SAS instructor/examiner.Check us out at www/
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Crew Wanted........Greece to Spain
Crew wanted for the delivery of an Apollo 12m sailing yacht, from Athens to Alicante. Approx' 1300Nm. 2 - 3 weeks. All on-board expenses paid. Depart around the 12th June 2012, Contact:
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SW_CREW has inserted on 12.06.2012 followed offer:
Very experienced owner, British male, with Jeanneau 51 is departing Panama mid-June 2012 for Oz. Galapagos/Marquesas route. Expect to arrive in Brisbane by Xmas. All or part of the way options with nominal food and fuel contribution required. For more information please mail me, Jerry,
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SW_CREW has inserted on 12.06.2012 followed offer:
May 1, 2012. I am a single woman who owns a 46, Leopard catamaran three cabin version three years old with all conveniences. Last season I cruised French Polynesia with my son after having brought the boat down from Hawaii. I am now looking to continue the cruise and need someone(s) to help me handle the boat. I would prefer a Skipper or someone with previous experience sailing in the South Pacific. A lose plan is Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa and Fiji. I look forward to fair winds and great adventure. Contact: . Jeanette
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SW_CREW has inserted on 12.06.2012 followed offer:
Solo female sailor, 50+ years, Australian, and cruising for 10 years is looking for M/F mate. My 31Ft sailboat has all ocean going equipment and is strong and comfortable. Boat is currently in a yard in Baltimore and I hope to depart end April to NY and Lakes. Any experience is welcome however a sense of adventure and a willingness to learn the ropes are more important. Expenses etc shared. Non/smoker please and huge people will not be comfortable (sorry). Email me:
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albaiulia has inserted on 28.05.2012 followed offer:
BOSUN-HELMSMAN,25 Years at sea on commercial ships
I work until now on:
-crane barge,rescue-towage tug, ahts,chemical tanker,cruise ship,general cargo
-conteiner,river tug,ro-ro passenger or cargo ship,bulk carrier,lift cargo
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kriptonbug has inserted on 16.05.2012 followed offer:
Master looking for a ship
Spanish Master, no limitation of tonnage, offers to work in any motor vessel.
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