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Yacht skipper (commercial)
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I have been actively sailing since 1991 gaining meanwhile more than 25.000 nautlical miles experience worldwide. I do have all the relevant nautical licenses, e.g. Yachtmaster Offshore LRC Radarpatent ISAF Approved Offshore Personal Survival

Personal information
  Duesseldorf (Germany)
Commercial since: 1961
Languages:: English Gernman French 
Nautical information
Naut. exp. since: 27 year|s
Miles: more than 20.000 nm  
Experience up to: 50 ft. LoA
Applicability: worldwide
Sailvita/Reference 1
Maritime CV
1/2010 - 4/2017
Sailing Island
Skipper Sailing Yachts 37 - 42 feet, Instructor, examiner
1991Inshore water CertificateDSV#127648
1992Coastal water Certificate (< 12 nm from coast line)DSV#137224
1997Offshore water Certificate (< 30 nm from coast line)DSV#6884
1999Open Sea Certificate (> 30 nm from coast line)DSV#7333
1993General Operators CertificateBundesamt für #B26497
2017Radar Certificate#Nr. 4/2017, 09.02.20
2006ISAF Offshore Sea SurvivalDSV#000231
2010OtherDSV#Sailing Instructor L
2014Offshore water Certificate (< 30 nm from coast line)RYA#46135, Yachtmaster O
2017Long Range CertificateDMYV017378-G, 02.02.2017